Erasmus+ 2015-2017 Summary

The main aim of our project is to let the experience of the teachers’ being involved in the mobility courses of the project be helpful in realizing demands and needs of our school called Dr Mező Ferenc Primary School (Zugló-BUD) to a great extent. To get the education system strengthened today, it is inevitably needed to provide a planning at institutional level of which the fundamental backing is provided by reforming the teachers’ professional and methodological skills. The figure of ten teachers’ involved in the project proves that our school has the intention to take part in improving education at an even wider level. We are aspired to a conscious level of improved realization in the quality of education. Our teachers applying for courses abroad expect results which would be gained by deep preparatory works before the courses, acquired experiences during the courses and elaborated follow-up works and as an aftermath, the results would be disseminated in public within school firstly and among parents and district secondly in favour of improvement. After evaluation, consequently, all the results could ensure a long-term sustainability of the effects.

On the basis of equality, priority of our school is to help students with learning difficulties to get caught up in order to succeed in situations. Our basic method is to develop critical thinking in class. Integral part of our education model is the internationalization, that is to say partnership, moreover get other non-teachers involved in the project in accord with the main targeted fields of improvement such as improving the quality of education or training colleagues. This type of institutional development needs such a professional work that could ground a new generation of school with the help of a brand new school strategy, management and a new way of organizing education. This is our aim.

With the new methodology and strategy our teachers would meet on the courses will help our students acquire the curriculum in an easier. This underlies the 8 key competences and improvement of the education quality with a modernized way. Getting to know other countries’ culture, demonstrating our school system, getting to know different ways of thinking, briefly all the efforts to enter the world of European dimension would broaden the vision range of our teachers and students. E-Twinning, brainstorming conference with national and foreign colleagues will help us during the completion of our mobility project.

Our education strategy is to renew methodology, a new motivation, a modern teacher-student and teacher-teacher cooperation, improvement of teachers’ profession, gained experiences to be included into the education process improving the quality along with ensuring the possibility to create a chance.

10 teachers have the intention to participate in teachers’ training courses (A1) within the mobility project. Target countries are the UK, Portugal, Sweden.

Planned effect of the project is to step into a change at management level which could be backed by a methodological renewal. This kind of a change brings the European dimension into our school; meeting foreign schools’ representatives would help in developing partnership with foreign institutions. The partnership would support our teachers to evaluate their own work and the methods in a reflexive way. Teachers must be consistent in orientation; getting to know modern ways of evaluation, methods and modern ways of approaches would get the students motivated in class and a newer ways of motivating teachers within their profession would develop.

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