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The Dr. Mező Ferenc Primary School with the largest number of students in the 14th district of Budapest has always placed a great emphasis on the high level of its educators’ expertise. The efficiency of our educational work is proven by our students’ achievements in academic competitions, our high schooling index and by the fact that we have reached above average results in the national competency test in recent years. Our teachers have been participating in international teacher training courses in various fields for over a decade and our school has been involved in two large projects and mobilities among Comenius schools. Furthermore, we took part in an E-Twinning program as well.  The present tender is an integral part of a process that fits into a long term, ongoing, overarching project. Since 2015 the number of teachers joining the Erasmus+ international teacher training program has been increasing. From the first moment on our goal has not only been to have ESL teachers participate in these trainings but also to give room to other subject areas and present their relations. As a result of our former tenders, 20% of our teachers already have international training experience. Now we would like to increase the number of our tenders building upon the success of recent years. Last year we mainly focused on improving our students’ language competencies and broadening their digital competences with the help of ICT tools. Further expanding these two fields we wish to add a new training area to our international program—up-to-date, 21st century teaching trends, styles and methodology. The traditional methods of frontal teaching no longer comply with the learning styles of students today. We need an overall reformation. We want to place the student in the centre of our education allowing them to be an explorer, a creative, questioning person, who is able to act and create independently and chooses to be an active learner instead of a passive receiver. To achieve this goal our educators need to have a fresh perspective and a new approach. Teachers should be open, follow students along and allow them to make mistakes in the process of exploring instead of controlling them. Let us embrace the ‘learning by doing’ method and practice it in our classrooms. Our goals correspond to the methodology of the teacher training courses as the selected courses cover the above-mentioned training areas. In the same way it was important for the participants of our foreign language trainings that developing their language skills would not be the end but it would be the means to accomplish further objectives in the future. Participants have chosen English language courses offered solely for teachers thus ensuring the possibility of a professional exchange of experience and having an insight into international educational trends. We continue to emphasize the great potential lying in digital technology since the present generation of students can learn best through ICT use. We believe that digital technology should not be banned but it should be used wisely in the classroom. If our teachers are open and are able to acquire these skills, we can turn this handicap into a benefit. It is of great importance that the students encounter many different visual and experiential learning forms. Among the applicants we have primary and secondary school teachers as well as homeroom teachers, who come from different stages in their professional lives—we find Master Teachers, Senior and Junior Teachers among them. There is an English language teacher who has just returned to teaching and would like to refresh her knowledge in current language teaching approaches. The subjects taught by the participants are English, History, Maths, Physics, Geography, Music, Hungarian language and literature. It is important to note that our applicants represent all educational fields, so after successfully participating in a training course they can pass on the knowledge and experience acquired at the professional workshops to all members of our teaching staff. In full agreement with the school management we set it as our goal to join the KA2—cooperation among schools—project again. As  a first step we have indicated our intent to participate in a KA2 program launching in March 2018, being invited for the cooperation by a former partner. Following upon a former successful project we are also planning on joining a KA2 program in 2019. The objectives of our tender correspond to the guidelines of the Educational Program of our School as well as the goals of the national educational policy and the strategies of  European Development Plan .

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